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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the RTOS167 project, hosted at Sourceforge.

First sources are out!

Everybody is invited to look at the first sources for RTOS167.

The Project's Goals

Developing a real-time operating system for the infineon C167 and derivatives with

- tight code and memory usage

- low CPU overhead load

- easy to understand and use

- utilising and deploying the special features of the C167 and its siblings

Contact Information

Interested in joining the project? Get in contact with:

Ralf Guetlein
+49 1715064709
+49 1212 544 594 190
Electronic mail
General Information: ralf.guetlein@web.de
Webmaster: ralf.guetlein@web.de


Send mail to ralf.guetlein@web.de with questions or comments about this web site.
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